SavnsGull (English)

15.07.2016 - 09:39
SavnsGull (English)
A project to save the archive and the Faroese radio and television.

SavnsGull – in english

The object of the project SavnsGull is to save all the content in the faroese national networks’ - Kringvarp Føroya - archive. The project is significant to the faroese people as it is a testement of the modern history of our country. This means that the archive will be digitalized and later opend up to the public. One might ask why this project is so important, the answer is very simple: the archive verifies the history of the Faroe Islands from 1957-today. Another incentive is that the tapes will not last forever and the equipment wich is needed is gradually vanishing and experts have estimated that this will happen over the course of a few years.

SavnsGull is a government funded project and all the work is being done at Kringvarp Føroya. However, sometimes it is necessary to send parts of the archive out of the country to digitize. For this purpose in 2016 SavnsGull got a grant of 5 mill. kr. from A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal.

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