Radio station faces name change

08.05.2018 - 14:40
Radio station faces name change
Network company R2-net has petitioned for the forced sale of seven brand names, including Rás 2, used by the Miðlahúsið

Radio station Rás 2 is set for a name change.

The reason is that media company Miðlahúsið, which runs Rás 2, has outstanding debt to R2-net for use of its network.

According to R2-net’s managing director, Petur Jacobsen, Miðlahúsið owes R2-net more than DKK 400,000.

“We have tried every possible way to recover the debt but nothing has come out of it,” he says.

“Their inability to pay clearly indicates that Miðlahúsið is close to drowning in debt. The only way we can recover our debt is by laying claim to the company’s brand names.”

Jacobsen adds that for Miðlahúsið to retain the rights to the Rás 2 brand name, the firm needs to pay the owed amount with due interest.

“This dispute has been going on for years now. We have even offered them to option to pay in instalments, but they’re still not paying. All that’s left for us to do now is to claim the rights to the firm’s brand names, and our petition has been approved by the bailiff’s court.”

He is keen to add, however, that he has not ruled out further negotiations with Miðlahúsið.

Jonhard Hammer, the CEO of Miðlahúsið, refuses to comment on the matter, but he says that if R2-net gains the rights to the Rás 2 brand name, the radio station will be rebranded with a new name.

The foreclosure auction of the rights to the seven brand names will take place on 31 May.

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