Growing demand for new homes in Nes Municipality

09.07.2018 - 13:23
Growing demand for new homes in Nes Municipality
Nes Municipality in Eysturoy has seen a great increase in applications for building sites in recent years.

The past three years have seen a big surge in requests for building sites in Nes Municipality, which consists of Toftir, Nes and Saltnes.

All the plots at Lýðarsvegur have now either been booked or sold. Three years ago, only two out of these 24 plots were sold. There has also been a growing demand for plots at Gaddavegur and elsewhere in the area.

The local council is responding to this demand by preparing a new development plan, which includes new plots further along Gaddavegur and Høganesvegur – a total of 20 new plots.

Nes Municipality adds in its annual report that it is also working with national housing association Bústaðir on a separate project to build new flats in Toftir.

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