Tvøroyri’s mayor under pressure

03.09.2018 - 17:47
Tvøroyri’s mayor under pressure
Tvøroyri City Council is planning to investigate Kristin Mikkelsen’s dual mandate
Kristin Mikkelsen, Member of Parliament and mayor of Tvøroyri

The Mayor of Tvøroyri is not fulfilling his duties in accordance with Faroese local government law.

This is the view of the four Javnaðarflokkurin (The Social Democratic Party) representatives in Tvøroyri City Council.

“The list of regulatory duties not receiving due attention keeps growing, and that is something we cannot accept,” they announced on Facebook last week.

They are calling into question Mikkelsen’s ability to perform two full-time positions, one as mayor and the other as an MP.

A mayor’s seat in Parliament is based on a discretionary decision by the local council in question.

The daily running of the council’s administration and the execution of all city council enactments are the responsibility of the mayor, not the other city council members, argue the four council members, who are Súsanna Bertholdsen, Bogi Johannesen, Bjarni Hammer and Kristina Kambsskarð Sørensen, who together make up a majority of Tvøroyri City Council.

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