MP wants compulsory age limit in bars and clubs

06.09.2018 - 08:59
MP wants compulsory age limit in bars and clubs
It should be illegal to allow under-18s entry to places that serve alcoholic beverages at night, argues MP
Djóni Nolsøe Joensen, MP for Javnaðarflokkurin (The Social Democratic Party)

We need to do more to protect our young people from the dangers of the nightlife.

This is the view of MP Djóni Nolsøe Joensen, who has called on the Minister of Trade to implement a compulsory age limit for access to bars and nightclubs.

“We cannot just sit and watch passively while our teenagers end up in all sorts of trouble in nightclubs weekend after weekend,” he says.

The proposal for a new Hotel and Restaurant Act, which is currently being debated in Parliament, recommends that the provision regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages should be transferred from the Alcohol Act to the new Hotel and Restaurant Act.

Joensen would like the new Act to include a compulsory age limit for access to establishments that are not defined as hotel and restaurant activities – such as nightclubs.

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