Drink driver handed lengthy ban

12.09.2018 - 13:13
Drink driver handed lengthy ban
A driver has been banned from the road for 3.5 years for his second breach of the Road Traffic Act

The use of painkillers is no excuse for drink driving, according to a court ruling.

In March 2017, police checked the blood alcohol level of a driver and found it to be 0.024%, which is above the legal limit of 0.020%.

The driver pleaded not guilty of drink driving in court yesterday, saying that he had taken painkillers – one Voltaren and two Ibuprofen pills – and had consumed no more than half a strong beer.

But the court ruled that the use of painkillers does not justify acquittal in a drink-driving charge.

The driver has been handed a ten-day conditional jail sentence, a 30-day community service sentence and a DKK 8,500 fine.

As this is the defendant’s second breach of the Road Traffic Act and the second one coming during a probation period, he was also given a 3.5-year driving ban

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