New hotel joins Hilton chain

28.09.2018 - 14:20
New hotel joins Hilton chain
Atlantic Airways’ new hotel in Tórshavn will be part of the Hilton chain

The hotel currently under construction at Staravegur in Tórshavn will be named Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands.

The Hilton chain has a worldwide client network of more than 100 million people and is particularly strong in Asia and the US.

“The Hilton brand gives us access to a huge and exciting client base throughout the year,” says Martin Restorff, who has been appointed as the manager of the new four-star hotel. Hilton Garden Inn is a brand of mid-priced, focused service hotels owned by Hilton Worldwide. According to Atlantic Airways, this brand is particularly suitable for travellers looking for a special nature experience, as well as being ideal for business tourism.

Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands will consist of 130 large rooms.

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