New flats in Toftir

02.11.2018 - 10:41
New flats in Toftir
The national housing association has signed a deal with construction firm KBH to build 18 new flats in Toftir
An artist’s impression of the new flats in Toftir. Photo: © Bústaðir

Eighteen new flats will soon be built in Toftir, Eysturoy.

Bústaðir, the national housing association, and construction firm KBH have signed a partnership deal to build the new flats above the harbour in Toftir.

Two buildings will be made, one with eight and one with ten flats.

The building with eight flats is expected to be organised as cooperative dwellings, which is a relatively new system in the Faroes.

Bústaðir says that further details of the cooperative system will be announced soon.

The new flats are scheduled to be completed in autumn 2020.

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