Ministers seek to end Nordic TV ‘geo-blocking’

06.11.2018 - 08:33
Ministers seek to end Nordic TV ‘geo-blocking’
Work is underway to ensure that TV coverage in Nordic countries is available to everyone in the region
Coverage from Nordic national TV stations should be made available outside of each individual country in the region, says the culture minister.

Nordic ministers are discussing ways to make TV coverage from national broadcasting corporations available to everyone in the Nordic region.

Faroese culture minister Rigmor Dam has been in talks with culture ministers in the other Nordic countries regarding a possible scrapping of the so-called ‘geo-blocking’ of TV coverage in the region.

The current geo-blocking system means that TV coverage in the Nordic countries is restricted to citizens in the country where the coverage is broadcast.

“There is broad agreement across the Nordic countries that we ought to share each other’s TV coverage,” says Dam.

“The Nordic Council of Ministers has commissioned a study aimed at clarifying the situation regarding copyright issues and other obstacles. Once completed, we will have a clearer idea of how we can get rid of this geo-blocking in the Nordic countries.”

Dam believes that giving all Nordic citizens access to TV coverage across the region will strengthen our understanding of our neighbouring countries.

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