New college needs millions to pay bills

08.11.2018 - 09:03
New college needs millions to pay bills
An additional grant of DKK 18.7m is required to cover extra expenses for Glasir, the new educational centre in Tórshavn

The recently opened college in Tórshavn needs DKK 18.7m to cover additional construction costs.

Culture minister Rigmor Dam is expected to formally request the additional grant in Parliament today. Although the college opened in August, not all construction stages have been completed.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the extra funding is an urgent matter as there is a risk that the remaining work will come to a halt.

Ewald Kjølbro, the CEO of Landsverk (The Road Authority), which oversees the construction, declines to comment on the matter, saying that he will inform Parliament of the situation at Glasir later today.

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