SAS finally given RNP approval

03.01.2019 - 09:14
SAS finally given RNP approval
SAS can now compete on equal terms with Atlantic Airways after the Scandinavian airline’s RNP system was given the green light last month

SAS flights to and from the Faroes have been marred with delays and cancellations this winter.

This has mainly been due to the airline not being permitted to use its required navigation performance (RNP) technology on the notoriously poor-visibility Faroe Islands route.

An RNP system is crucial in areas where poor visibility is a common problem, as it enables aircraft to fly a specific path between two 3D-defined points in space.

“We have been working hard to receive this approval, so we are delighted that we finally got it,” says SAS’ PR manager Mariam Skovfoged.

The frequent delays and cancellations this winter have tarnished SAS’ reputation in the Faroes, and Skovfoged hopes the new approval will help improve the situation.

“When you book an airline ticket, you obviously expect to get to your destination on time. We always put passenger safety first, so in poor visibility circumstances, we have in some cases had no choice but to cancel our flights for the simple reason that we did not have the necessary RNP equipment.”

Atlantic Airways has been using its own RNP system since 2012, which has given it a certain advantage over SAS in terms of flight reliability.

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