One law to cover all national museums

08.01.2019 - 09:23
One law to cover all national museums
A new board will be set up to coordinate museum activities
Listasavn Føroya (the National Gallery) in Tórshavn is covered by the new law

The Ministry of Culture wants to group all national museums into the same legal framework.

The bill has now been submitted for consultation.

As part of this initiative, DKK 1 million will be earmarked for a new museum board, which will coordinate museum activities.

The state-run museums are Tjóðsavnið (the National Museum), Jarðfeingi (the Faroese Geological Survey) and Listasavnið (the National Gallery), all in Tórshavn.

The new bill does not include support for village museums and other publicly funded galleries.

The consultation period ends on 29 January.

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