Branding the Faroes as a fishery nation

01.03.2019 - 17:23
Branding the Faroes as a fishery nation
The fishing industry has teamed up with the political system to create a website which seeks to brand the Faroe Islands as a fishery nation

A new website,, was launched yesterday.

The site was created with the aim of branding the Faroe Islands as a fishery and fish farming nation.

It also aims to make it easier for foreign purchasers to find Faroese fish exporters.

Interest from all sides

According to Jóhannus M. Olsen, the head of the Fish Sellers’ Association, the fishing industry has shown great interest in creating a common platform for Faroese fish exporters.

“It is great to see that not only the industry, but also the political system and Visit Faroe Islands are keen to support this project,” he says.

“The site is a great place for people across the world to read and discuss everything related to Faroese fish: buying, selling and even cooking, as the site features lots of recipes too.” is a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Fisheries, the Fish Producers’ Association, the Association of Faroese Shipowners, the Faroese Fish Sellers’ Association and Visit Faroe Islands.

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