Faroese athletes at Special Olympics

05.03.2019 - 16:21
Faroese athletes at Special Olympics
Ten Faroese athletes will be taking part in the Special Olympics later this month
Photo from Special Olympics World Games opening ceremonies in Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland, 2003

More than 7,000 disabled athletes from across the world will be taking part at the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on 14-21 March.

According to the organisers, this will be the world’s largest sporting event for disabled people in 2019. Ten Faroese athletes will be taking part in athletics, swimming, gymnastics, boccia and badminton.

The Special Olympics World Games are more than just a sporting event, says Tróndur Ravnsfjall, sports advisor at Parasport Faroe Islands.

More than just a sporting event

“It is very important that people with disabilities are given targets just like other athletes,” Tróndur Ravnsfjall says.

“All athletes compete with the aim of winning. The only difference between the Special Olympics and other sports events is that here the athletes are grouped with people of a similar level to their own.”

The Faroese Special Olympics participants are Bjørt Hermansen, Eyð Patursson, Súsanna Johannesen and Jenny Solveig Thomsen (gymnastics), Heidi Eliasen and Signa Vár Joensen (svimming), Meiken Salberg Olsen and Rúni Jacobsen (athletics) and Hilda Poulsen and Oddur Gleðisheygg (boccia and badminton, respectively).

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