International sport events in Tórshavn

06.03.2019 - 19:46
International sport events in Tórshavn
The City Council’s culture committee has handed out grants for international sport events to be held in the capital this summer
An international darts tournament will take place in Tórshavn this summer

The capital will be hosting several international sports events this summer, and the City Council has now announced how it will fund these events.

Tórshavn Darts Association has been allocated DKK 40,000 for an international darts tournament to be held in the á Hálsi sports hall this summer.

DKK 25,000 has been allocated to a boxing tournament scheduled for 25 May in the á Hálsi sports hall.

European Volleyball Championships

For the first time ever, the capital will also be hosting the European Volleyball Championships of the Small Countries Division.

DKK 100,000 has been earmarked for this event, which is scheduled for 12-16 May.

According to the City Council, these grants are part of the ongoing efforts to turn Tórshavn into a hub for international conferences, cultural events and sports tournaments.

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