Energy supplier defends wind farm U-turn

08.03.2019 - 08:18
Energy supplier defends wind farm U-turn
SEV says it could not have handled the wind farm plan in Suðuroy any differently, considering the long-term implications

Energy supplier SEV now reveals that it has been working for years on a plan to link Sandoy and Suðuroy to the national grid via cables.

SEV CEO Hákun Djurhuus says the reason for the last-minute change of plan regarding the pump arrangement in Porkeri, Suðuroy, was that the company needed to reconsider a cable solution.

“The prerequisites have changed significantly, which is why we need to reassess all alternatives,” he says.

Three options

According to Djurhuus, SEV pulled the plug on the planned pump system in Porkeri because two other options became viable: a cable system or a combination of a pump system and a cable system.

It has now emerged that SEV has been working on a cable solution since 2012.

Internal SEV documents reveal a complete plan for a 60 Kilovolt net consisting of a cable through the planned Sandoy subsea tunnel, a 60 KV station in Sandur and a cable to Suðuroy.

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