Blue whiting fishing rights auctioned off today

19.03.2019 - 11:57
Blue whiting fishing rights auctioned off today
The first auction in which the public can bid on fishing rights will take place today

The fish market will be auctioning off the rights to fish 20,000 tonnes of blue whiting in an open auction at 1pm today. These rights are valid for one year.

Open auctions are carried out by Fiskamarknaður Føroya, while Vørn (the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre) conducts the closed auctions.

The first closed auction will take place on Thursday, when the rights to catch 32,000 tonnes of blue whiting will be auctioned off. These rights are valid for one, three or eight years.

Seven auctions

In total for 2019, auctions will be selling rights to catch more than 6,000 tonnes of mackerel, 52,000 tonnes of blue whiting, 40,000 tonnes of herring and 3,000 tonnes of bottom fish in the Barents Sea.

This year will see seven fishing rights auctions – four closed and three open. Four auctions will take place in April and one in May.

Although today’s auction is the first one this year to sell fishing rights, it is not the first auction of the year. Some 1,276 tonnes of Flemish Cap cod were auctioned off in January.

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