A new era for electric cars

22.03.2019 - 09:58
A new era for electric cars
Power supplier is set to change its tariff system for electric car charging stations next month
From 1 April, private charging points will be cheaper to use than the public ones

From next month, owners of electric cars will no longer be able to use power supplier SEV’s public charging stations free of charge.

From 1 April, it will be cheaper to charge the car through a private charging station, and it will be even cheaper if users charge their vehicles in the evenings or at night.

Users will be given the option to borrow a charging station from SEV and have it installed by a certified electrician.

Green light for cheaper charging

Parliament has agreed that SEV can lower electricity prices for electric cars and heat pumps.

To qualify for the new pricing system, however, users need to have an additional meter installed by a certified electrician. This will be paid by the user.

When charging through a public charging point, users pay for each minute the car is at the station. This is done to stop people from using charging stations as parking spaces and thus preventing access by other users.

An example from SEV

A 10 kW electric car does 55 km per charge. At a public charging point this charge costs DKK 45 during the day. At night the price falls to DKK 30.

If the car is charged at home, the 55 km charge costs DKK 18.90, according to the existing system.

With the new system, the price will fall to DKK 13.90, which SEV says is cheaper than the equivalent petrol price.

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