New push to combat plastic pollution

26.03.2019 - 09:21
New push to combat plastic pollution
Deposits on bottles and cans, increased recycling and education are part of a new set of recommendations from the Environment Agency

Environment minister Sirið Stenberg last year called on the Environment Agency to draft some suggestions on how to reduce plastic pollution.

The result is 11 recommendations, which include an increased focus on recycling, education, deposits on all reusable bottles and cans, stricter regulation of astroturf surfaces and explosion wires, and financial support for ships that recover rubbish from the sea.

Waste management needs an update

The waste management act from 1995 needs to be updated, and a new act must be made to cover astroturf surfaces, as these contain large amounts of microplastics.

The Environment Agency also recommends introducing deposits for more reusable containers than today and to put a greater focus on recycling in general.

More education is needed on plastic and pollution, extra duty should be placed on plastic shopping bags, and plastic cutlery and makeup containing microplastics should be banned, according to the Environment Agency.

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