Golf course ready in four years

08.05.2019 - 07:35
Golf course ready in four years
Building a golf course is a costly affair, but Tórshavn’s mayor insists that it is a good investment

Efforts to set up a golf course near Tórshavn have been ongoing since 1991. So far, local amateur golfers have managed to enjoy their hobby in the rough terrain at Glyvursnes.

But now the City Council has agreed to buy a section of the Glyvursnes land and build a proper golf course there.

Expensive but necessary

Mayor Annika Olsen says that the initial plan is to build a nine-hole golf course.

The City Council has set aside DKK 10 million over the next four years to buy the land, and according to Olsen, a further DKK 27 million will be spent on building a nine-hole course.

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“We are seeing great perspectives in building a golf course,” she says. “This project is definitely not only intended for only a few local golf enthusiasts. Golf is currently the fastest-growing sport in the world, and many people travel the world specifically for playing golf. So from a tourism industry perspective, this investment makes good sense.”

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