Immigration office aims to shorten waiting times

11.05.2019 - 10:30
Immigration office aims to shorten waiting times
The Faroese Immigration Office will soon be granted new authorities

Faroese authorities are on the verge of taking over responsibility of certain key administrative fields within immigration matters from Danish authorities.

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This means that the Faroese Immigration Office will soon be authorised to make final decisions in areas such as family reunification and work and residence permits.

These changes presuppose some changes to the Danish Aliens Act, but this is said to be a mere formality.

Greater demands on Immigration Office

Jógvan Thomsen, head of the Faroese Immigration Office, says that in preparation for the upcoming law change, they are currently looking for suitable case officers to deal with the increased demand.

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“Having all the relevant case officers in the same office here, rather than having to communicate with Danish authorities, will speed up processing times,” he says.

The ultimate legal power still lies with the Danish authorities, which means that appeals on matters processed in the Faroese Immigration Office will be sent to the Danish appeals committee.

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