Possibility of parliamentary meetings during break

16.05.2019 - 12:55
Possibility of parliamentary meetings during break
It is up to party leaders to decide if Parliament is to meet during the summer break to conclude some of the most pressing matters, says speaker

If the Prime Minister or any of the 14 MPs authorised to call a parliamentary meeting during the summer break call for a session, the speaker of the house will call MPs in for a meeting.

Páll á Reynatúgvu, Speaker of Parliament, says that all party leaders have made an agreement on which matters should be dealt with by on 29 July, the end of this sessional year.

If a parliamentary meeting is to take place during the summer break, it is up to the party leaders to initiate it, he adds.

Pressure on MPs

Several organisations have called for extraordinary parliamentary meetings to conclude some of the most urgent matters.

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Javni, an association for mentally handicapped people and their families, wants to expedite the proposal to build a new houseshare for its members.

The Association of Pedagogues is calling for a speedy treatment of the Welfare Act, while various housing proposals are also deemed as urgent.

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