Iconic city-centre kiosk returns to its old spot

23.05.2019 - 10:42
Iconic city-centre kiosk returns to its old spot
A popular kiosk which adorned Tórshavn city centre for 85 years was recently removed but now it’s back

Endearingly named by locals as “Asta’s kiosk”, the small kiosk between the City Hall and the houses of Parliament was recently removed as it was nearing the end of its days due to wear and tear.

A remake of the Faroese flag-coloured has now been placed in the old spot which has stood empty for a couple of years.

It opened again on Tuesday afternoon, and the city centre was filled with people for the opening ceremony, which included a speech by mayor Annika Olsen.

Continuing Asta’s tradition

The star of the ceremony was previous owner, 91-year-old Asta Jacobsen, who watched on as people flocked to see the new building.

The kiosk was built in 1931. In 1945, when Asta Næs was 15 years old, she took over the running of the kiosk from her father and has been a regular fixture there up until her retirement in 2015, aged 87.

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In the years that Asta ran the place, it functioned as a news stand and a refreshment kiosk. Now, the new owner, hotel and restaurant firm Gist & Vist, wishes to continue Asta’s tradition and adapt it to the busy tourist hot spot that Tórshavn city centre has become.

“We have now turned ‘Asta’ into a modern food and coffee takeaway,” says Johannes Jensen, CEO of Gist & Vist.

Translated by prosa.fo

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