New domestic cleaning trial system for the elderly

23.05.2019 - 15:08
New domestic cleaning trial system for the elderly
Tórshavn City Council’s domestic cleaning services cannot meet the demand, and a private cleaning company has stepped in to ease the workload
Old age pensioners have been offered discounted private domestic cleaning, as the public services can no longer meet the growing demand

Ten years ago, domestic cleaning was included in public home care for senior citizens.

But this has now changed, as the city’s home care services can no longer meet the demand for cleaning.

Tórshavn City Council is now offering a trial domestic cleaning system in which a private cleaning company provides the service for senior citizens once or twice a month at a subsidised price of DKK 300 per service.

The City Council has earmarked DKK 500,000 this year for the new trial service, which will be evaluated in September.

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