One complaint about biogas plant

30.05.2019 - 10:01
One complaint about biogas plant
A houseowners’ association next to the planned biogas plant has submitted a complaint about placement and smell issues
P/F Føroysk Náttúruorka, a subsidiary of salmon farming company Bakkafrost, is planning to set up a biogas plant at Skarðshjalli between Hoyvík and Sund, Streymoy

Earlier this year, The Environment Agency put the plan to build a biogas plant out to public consultation. 

The agency received one complaint, from the Hoyvíkshædd houseowners’ association, a district 1.8 kilometres from the planned site. 

The complaint, which has now been forwarded to the environment minister for processing, was about the placement of the plant and the smell coming from the production.

From waste to energy

According to the plan, the biogas plant will process cow dung and waste from the fish farming industry. It will supply energy to power provider SEV and heat to the District Heating Company.

At a later time, the plant may also start producing energy from biodegradable household trash.

The plant is estimated to have an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes of biological waste, although the company will aim for 50,000 tonnes in the first year of operation.

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