No tourists have been granted a fishing licence

14.06.2019 - 07:16
No tourists have been granted a fishing licence
The law on maritime resource management allows fishing for household use, but this does not apply to foreign visitors
Last Saturday, guard ship Brimil caught four boats with German tourists who were fishing off the coast of Porkeri, Suðuroy, without the required licences

Foreign tourists are not licensed to fish in Faroese waters.

Tourist fishing is not included in the provision in the Faroese maritime resource management law which allows fishing for household use.

This was the essence of fisheries minister Høgni Hoydal’s reply to MP Kári P Højgaard’s enquiry about tourist fishing.

Special licence required

The minister says it is a centuries-old right for all Faroese people to fish in their own sea, but this right is restricted to Faroese nationals only.

He adds that tourist fishing requires a special licence, and no such licence has yet been granted here.

Despite this, Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre Vørn has now confirmed that tourist fishing is taking place across the country, and a campaign against illegal tourist fishing has now been launched.

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