U17 handballers shine in the European Open

04.07.2019 - 11:01
U17 handballers shine in the European Open
The Faroese U17 national handball team is taking the European Open by storm with a string of impressive wins

The young Faroese handballers have won group C in the preliminary round of the European Open, which is being played in Gothenburg, Sweden.

After four victories in a row, the Faroes eventually lost 16-18 to Israel last night, but the top spot in the group was already secured.

In the first game, the Faroes beat Norway 32-22. This was followed by a 31-27 win over the highly rated Spanish side. Next up were Estonia and Georgia, who also lost.

There is not much rest for the Faroese players, with the next round starting this morning against Hungary, who finished as runners-up in Group D. And this afternoon, the Faroese side faces the winners of group D, Belarus.


Translated by prosa.fo

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