Big win for KÍ

05.07.2019 - 12:08
Big win for KÍ
KÍ is through to the next Europa League round, while NSÍ is knocked out

KÍ had a 5-1 lead prior to yesterday’s second-leg game against Tre Fiori in San Marino, and this aggregate lead grew to 9-1 after KÍ won 4-0.

This is the biggest win ever for a Faroese team in any European tournament, and the Klaksvík side now progresses from the preliminary round into the first round for the second year running.

KÍ will play Lithuanian side Riteriai next week, with the first leg being played away on 11 July and the second at Svangaskarð, Toftir, on 18 July.

NSÍ is out

NSÍ faced a significantly tougher task yesterday, having lost 0-2 away to Northern Ireland’s Ballymena in the first leg.

The Runavík-based side played well and had more chances at goal, but the game ended in a goalless draw, which means that Ballymena win with an aggregate score of 2-0.


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