Ship’s wheelhouse turned into tourist cabin

12.07.2019 - 07:40
Ship’s wheelhouse turned into tourist cabin
The wheelhouse of a fishing ship has been repurposed as a small tourist cabin in Hvannasund

Hvannasund, Norðoyggjar, now offers rather unconventional accommodation for tourists.

The village quay is adorned with two old ship wheelhouses which will be used tourist cabins.

One of them is ready to use, while the other, a slightly larger one, is currently being remodelled.

Local resident Hallgerð Akurstein, who heads the project together with her family, says the aim is to recreate an authentic maritime experience, with an open view of the Hvannasund sound and the surrounding landscape.

Glamorous camping

Akurstein, who previously worked as the head of Visit Norðoy, says that since they started posting photos of the wheelhouse online, they have been flooded with requests from tourists.

She adds that there is an increasing demand for ‘glamping’, which is a blend of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ – a style of camping with resort-style services not normally associated with traditional camping. Each cabin can accommodate two adults and one child.

There will also be a third cabin near the quay, which will be split into two, with one part consisting of toilet and kitchen facilities for guests in the wheelhouses.


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