Nobody uses abortion hotline

12.07.2019 - 08:29
Nobody uses abortion hotline
The abortion counselling hotline service costs DKK 350,000 per year, but nobody is using it

Not a single citizen has made use of the abortion counselling hotline in the past two years.

Egil á Bø, the head of Gigni, which provides advisory services for children and youths, says that perhaps they didn’t do enough to inform the public about this service.

But he adds that a new information campaign is coming up.

Skills development

The hotline was set up in 2014 with an annual allocation of DKK 350,000.

The then Minister of Health wanted doctors to refer to Gigni’s abortion hotline, but doctors say that since this requirement was never formalised, the service somehow ended up being neglected.

Egil á Bø says that the funding has been spent on training nurses to provide counselling on abortion matters. Some of it was also spent on information material, but this area will be prioritised now.

The hotline number is 562356.

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