Citizens told to go easy on water use amid drought

09.08.2019 - 12:49
Citizens told to go easy on water use amid drought
The unusually dry weather in recent weeks has led to water shortage in parts of the country
Half of Sandavágur’s households are affected by the recent drought

Water wells are running low as a result of weeks with little or no rain. 

On Monday it was announced that water supplies will be suspended in parts of Sandavágur from 11pm to 6am during the drought, affecting around half of the town’s households.

Mayor Eyðdis Hartman Niclasen says that the existing water supplies cannot meet the demand in unusually dry weather conditions such as now.

There are no current plans to expand water supplies to Sandavágur, but the mayor says that if related infrastructure expansions are made in the future, water supply expansions will be considered along with those plans.

Dam set up in Kvívík

Residents of Leynar, Part of Kvívík municipality, have also been asked to go easy on their water use.

Mayor Heri Müller says there is still water in the wells, but it will soon run out if the drought continues.

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Steps are being taken to secure water supplies in the area, but this takes time, he says. The local council is currently building a dam in the river running through Kvívík.

Once the dam is completed, water pipes will be connected to the nearby villages of Stykkið and Leynar. This project is expected to be completed in two years’ time.

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