Saksun fee dodgers risk hefty fine

12.08.2019 - 14:04
Saksun fee dodgers risk hefty fine
Trying to climb the fence to Saksun beach without paying may result in a DKK 1,000 fine

Strict rules apply for the new automatic credit-card toll gate in Saksun, which charges tourists and locals alike DKK 75 for walking to the beach.

The gate was installed by a local farmer, who feels it is unfair that tourist companies and guides earn money from taking tourists to walk on terrain that he has spent large sums of money to maintain.

This initiative has led to criticism from some and praise from others, who sympathise with the farmer’s concerns.

Warning to trespassers

Attempting to climb the fence or otherwise trying to avoid paying for access to the beach will now result in a fare evasion fine.

According to the farmer, those refusing to pay the DKK 1,000 fine will be taken to court, where a suitable fine will be determined.

There will be no active police presence in the area, but if the farmer decides to press charges against trespassers, the police say they will step in.

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