Many Saksun visitors turn around at toll gate

14.08.2019 - 19:17
Many Saksun visitors turn around at toll gate
More than a hundred people have paid to walk to Saksun beach, but many have turned around in the first week since a toll gate was installed
Opinions are divided on the new initiative to charge visitors who want to walk to the popular beach in Saksun

More than a hundred people have paid DKK 75 to walk to the beach in Saksun a week after an automatic credit-card toll gate was set up.

But many, locals and tourists alike, have also decided not to pay and have turned around at the toll gate, according to local farmer André Kruse, who set up the gate.

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Kruse decided to install the toll gate to cope with the ever-increasing tourist numbers in the village, and because he finds it unfair that tourist companies earn money from taking tourists to walk on terrain that he has spent large sums of money to maintain.

The farmer, who hopes to see an introduction of formal rules regarding hiking in the countryside, says that no official complaints have been filed against his decision to charge visitors for walking to the beach.

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