Gásadalur farmer considering tourist fees

16.08.2019 - 14:16
Gásadalur farmer considering tourist fees
Tourist hotspot Gásadalur is experiencing a tsunami of tourists, and something needs to be done to ease the pressure, says farmer

Gásadalur is experiencing a higher-than-usual number of tourists after the introduction of toll gates in other popular tourist destinations.

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With its natural beauty and its world-famous waterfall (pictured above), the village in Vágar has been inundated with tourists for many years. 

But now the pressure has reached a critical point, according to local farmer Jákup Suni Lauritsen.

Situation getting out of hand

He reckons that the daily visitor number now lies somewhere between 300 and 500 during the tourist season.

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“If the number goes beyond that, it will simply become too much for such a small village to handle., and then we will need to look at ways to control the situation.”

One way to do this, he adds, would be to introduce a charge for access to the waterfall viewpoint.

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