Election posters distract drivers

20.08.2019 - 13:58
Election posters distract drivers
Many election posters are put up without adhering to guidelines from the Road Safety Council, and this can affect traffic safety

Hundreds, if not thousands, of election posters have been set up near roads, in roundabouts and on lamppost across the country.

Many of these do not follow the guidelines set by the Road Safety Council (RFF), the police and other authorities. These guidelines include:

▪ The posters should not distract drivers, impede a driver’s view or cover traffic signs

▪ Posters should not be placed in roundabouts

▪ Posters must not be attached to lampposts with traffic signs on them

▪ Posters should be placed no less than 2.3 metres above pavements or cycle lanes and at least 0.5 from roadsides

Drivers distracted by faces

“The purpose of an election poster is to attract people’s attention, and all this extra information is causing a distraction to drivers,” says Lovisa Petersen Glerfoss, the head of RFF. 

“Some election campaigners have been asked to move their posters to a more suitable spot.”

Glerfoss adds that it may become necessary to turn these guidelines into strict rules because the large number of election posters, whether placed in adherence to the guidelines or not, is inevitably affecting traffic safety.

Translated by prosa.fo

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