Surge in rental cars “can cause traffic mayhem”

02.09.2019 - 12:39
Surge in rental cars “can cause traffic mayhem”
The sudden growth in the rental car market will soon become a problem on the roads, says provider

Competition is harsh in the rental car companies, and numerous new providers have recently joined the market.

One year ago, 695 passenger cars were registered as rental cars. Now there are 940.

This sharp increase is likely to continue as next spring’s opening of two new hotels in Tórshavn will double the capital’s tourist accommodation capacity.

Challenges ahead

While this is good news business-wise for rental car providers, the big growth of the industry will place a great burden on traffic across the islands.

“We are already seeing traffic congestions in and around popular tourist hot spots such as Saksun, Kalsoy and Gásadalur,” says Michael Koba, owner of car rental firm

“I am not sure our road network can handle much more traffic. It is relatively easy with locals on the roads, but with hundreds of inexperienced drivers in rental cars, things can easily get out of hand.”


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