Seniors in desperate need of care

03.09.2019 - 19:08
Seniors in desperate need of care
Residents at an elderly care home in Tórshavn spend their days staring into a wall

Services at the Boðanesheimið elderly care home in Tórshavn have gone from bad to worse over the seven years of its existence.

Residents find themselves crying for help and attention, but the overburdened support workers only have the time to clean and feed them.

“In the beginning, we had lots of time to spend with each resident,” says support worker Jóhan á Plógv, who has worked at the Boðanesheiminum home since its opening in 2012.

Not enough quality time

Staff numbers have remained unchanged, he explains, but the residents are generally in a much worse condition today. 

Many of them suffer from dementia, which requires a great deal of extra attention, and that can easily rob us of our quality time.

“It’s painful for the staff to constantly hear the residents call out for attention. There is no doubt that ‘just a minute’ is the most frequently used phrase at the Boðanesheimið,” he says.

“I would not be happy to see my own parents living like this.”

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