Faroes are ideal for ocean current energy

13.09.2019 - 14:09
Faroes are ideal for ocean current energy
The Faroe Islands have some of the world’s best conditions for harvesting energy from ocean currents, says Swedish marine energy expert

“Tidal resources in the Faroes are among the best in the world, and we are very excited about this project,” says Martin Edlund, CEO of Swedish marine energy technology developer Minesto.

The company is working together with national energy supplier SEV on a project which aims to produce electricity from tidal streams and ocean currents.

As part of the project, two so-called Deep Green kites will be installed in the Vestmannasund strait between Streymoy and Vágar early next year.

Minesto’s Deep Green technology produces electricity from slow tidal streams and ocean currents by sweeping a small turbine across a large area at a speed several times the actual speed of the underwater current.

Great potential

“Tidal streams and ocean currents are an untapped renewable energy source, and the Faroe Islands are an ideal environment for combining water, wind and tidal energy,” says Edlund.

SEV’s development manager Terji Nielsen also sees great potential in the project as it will speed up the search for a new sustainable energy source in the Faroe Islands.

“The project will continue for another two years, and if the kites produce sufficient amounts of energy, they may become part of the national electricity grid within a few years, provided that it is financially and technically viable,” he says.

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