Students stay in the Faroes

13.09.2019 - 09:23
Students stay in the Faroes
For the first time ever, there are more Faroese students in the Faroes than in Denmark

Faroese people seeking higher education have traditionally chosen Denmark as their place of study.

But this pattern appears to have changed, as Faroese students studying in the Faroes now outnumber those studying in Denmark. 

“The University of the Faroe Islands has increased its number of study courses in recent years, and our figures show a clear tendency for people to choose the Faroes over Denmark when deciding where to study,” says Jørgen Meitilberg, CEO of the Stuðni student grant fund.

The overall number of people starting higher education is on a decline, which is not uncommon in periods of economic growth, says Meitilberg.

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