Police inundated with storm damage reports

16.09.2019 - 09:21
Police inundated with storm damage reports
No people were injured in this weekend’s storm, but police have received numerous reports of minor material damage across the country

Police received about 50 storm damage reports over the weekend, and they know of many more damage incidents across the islands.

No personal injury has been recorded and no major material damage either; however, there has been a great number of minor incidents, especially involving large items blowing in the wind.

“Luckily there has been no major damage like we have seen in past storms,” a police spokesperson said.

The damage reports included two broken lamp posts, a number of broken car windows and a large container drifting around the Leirvík harbour.

Damage reports came from across the islands, but the northern part of Eysturoy represented a significant share of the reports.


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