Noise pollution complaints sent to ombudsman

18.09.2019 - 19:57
Noise pollution complaints sent to ombudsman
An interest organisation fighting noise pollution wants the Parliamentary Commissioner to step in as they feel their complaints are not being heard

Interest organisation Heimafriður (a quiet home) is stepping up its efforts to fight noise pollution.

The organisation says that Runavík Town Council is not doing enough to combat noise pollution coming from the harbour.

Many citizens have, according to Heimafriður, said that they no longer feel at home in Runavík Municipality because of the noise and the lack of action taken to solve the problem.

Ombudsman steps in

Since its launch last December, Heimafriður has sent 17 complaints to the Town Council without receiving any reply.

This has prompted the organisation to ask the Parliamentary Commissioner to step in.

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Mayor Torbjørn Jacobsen says that although the council has not spent much time on replying to complaints on the issue, a lot has been done to try and solve the noise pollution problem.

He is calling for an overall plan on how to combat noise pollution – not only in Runavík Municipality but across the country.

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