Improved communication on defence issues

05.10.2019 - 10:43
Improved communication on defence issues
Denmark’s new defence minister vows to improve the flow of information between Danish and Faroese authorities on defence-related matters

Faroese authorities have for years been calling for improved cooperation with Danish defence authorities.

These calls now appear to be heard, as Denmark’s new defence minister Trine Bramsen is seeking to improve communications between the central defence administration in Denmark and other defence units across the Danish kingdom.

“With the increased attention on the Artic region, it is crucial that we improve our communication throughout the region,” she said.

Faroes given a more active role

Bramsen has informed her ministry that Faroese authorities should be informed, when necessary, on all matters relating to security, especially now that many jurisdictions which may relate to security matters have been transferred to Faroese authorities.

The minister explained her ‘when necessary’ restriction, saying that it is not always possible provide the necessary information at the right time. 

“There may be instances where sharing sensitive information to all corners of the Danish kingdom may jeopardise national security, but I will certainly work towards making Faroese authorities a more integral part of our decision-making procedures.”

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