Capital region to cut carbon emissions in half

17.10.2019 - 14:02
Capital region to cut carbon emissions in half
Tórshavn City Council has set out to reduce CO2 emissions by half in five years

Cities should lead the way in saving our planet. 

So says Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles and the newly appointed chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, who has convinced more than 400 US mayors to commit to joining the Paris Agreement, which aims to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Faroese cities should also do their bit, says Tórshavn mayor Annika Olsen, who has announced an ambitious target in the fight against climate change.

Emissions cut in half in five years

The City Council’s new overall environmental plan is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 percent in five years.

As part of the plan, 15 percent of streetlights across the municipality have been fitted with LED lightbulbs, and more funds have been earmarked for maintenance of municipal buildings.

The aim is also to install more environmentally friendly energy systems in municipal buildings, as well as replacing municipal vehicles, including buses, with electrically powered vehicles.

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