Faroese singer featured on major film soundtrack

17.10.2019 - 21:20
Faroese singer featured on major film soundtrack
Country singer Kristina Bærendsen sings a song on the soundtrack for a big Warner Bros movie

Kristina Bærendsen is featured on the soundtrack of a new Chinese adventure film produced by Warner Brothers.

She cannot yet reveal many details about the film other than that it is an expensive adventure movie featuring world-famous actors and a plot revolving around climbing Mount Everest.

The producers were looking for something special for the movie soundtrack, and they contacted Icelandic music producer Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson, who worked with Bærendsen ahead of her participation in the national Eurovision Song Contest in Iceland earlier this year.

Sigurdsson started working on a demo, which was intended to feature a Chinese female singer.

Surprisingly powerful voice

As a test, he asked his friend Bærendsen to make a recording of the song, even though it was far too high-pitched for to suit her voice.

She did her best to scream her way through the song, and the producer sent the recording to the producers for assessment.

The director was captivated by the power of the song and, not least, Bærendsen’s voice, and he decided to stick with the Faroese singer’s version rather than use a Chinese singer.

Translated by prosa.fo

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