All bishops in Danish Kingdom meet in the Faroes

20.10.2019 - 05:28
All bishops in Danish Kingdom meet in the Faroes
Bishops across the Danish Kingdom get together regularly to share ideas and to strengthen bonds

Although the Faroese church has achieved financial and administrative independence, the need to communicate with churches in the rest of the Danish Kingdom remains.

To keep up the strong bonds between the Faroese, Danish and Greenlandic churches, bishops from across the region meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues relating to their work.

And now all of the Kingdom’s bishops have gathered in the Faroe Islands.

Special church services

As part of the visit, five of the bishops will deliver sermons in churches across the country today at 11am.

These special sermons will take place in Tórshavn’s cathedral and the churches in Hoyvík, Sandavágur and Fuglafjørður. Vesturkirkjan in Tórshavn will feature a sermon held in the Greenlandic language.

The bishops will leave the country again on Thursday.


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