Trawler hits land

04.11.2019 - 05:20
Trawler hits land
Pelagic trawler Arctic Voyager last night hit land near Fuglafjørður, Eysturoy
Arctic Voyager hit land near Fuglafjørður last night. Photo and video (below): Tórik Ábraham Rouah

Shortly before midnight last night, pelagic trawler Arctic Voyager crashed into land outside Fuglafjørður.

The Hvalba-based trawler had just departed the port of Fuglafjørður, and indications are that it was going faster than the recommended speed, as it ended some way up on the sloped terrain after making contact.

However, it did not take long until the ship had broken free from the ground and shortly after it sailed back to the port where it is currently docked. 

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According to sources at the scene, the incident did not result in any personal injury, and it appears that the ship was relatively undamaged by the crash, as only the very front of the hull took in small amounts of water.

By pure coincidence, guard ship Brimil was docked in Fuglafjørður harbour and arrived at the scene minutes after the crash.

Watch the ship breaking loose after the crash here.  


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