A breath of fresh Faroese air – in a can

14.11.2019 - 10:03
A breath of fresh Faroese air – in a can
China’s latest environmental crisis may turn out to be a great opportunity to cash in on one of the Faroes’ finest natural resources – clean air

We often take our clean air for granted, but people in big cities in the Far East often resort to wearing surgical masks to protect themselves from the polluted air.

Air pollution is such a great problem in China that selling compressed air in a can has become a lucrative business.

Three companies are currently offering bottled air to Chinese customers. They are based in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

And now, a Faroese company is also hoping to cash in on China’s worsening air quality problems.

A big market

“Air pollution is a big problem in Chinese cities, and there are many rich people over there, so we are trying to tap into the growing market of selling clean air,” says Robert Langgaard, CEO of Søldarfjørður-based company ScandiAir.

“The other companies selling compressed air in the Far East are seeing increased sales, so we hope we can also have some success on the Chinese market.”

Competitive price

The cap on the can functions as a mask, which enables users to take a hit of fresh air whenever needed.

Each can contains 150-200 hits of fresh air.

“Our competitors are charging between DKK 150 and DKK 200 per can. We have not yet decided on the exact price of a can, but we’re aiming for a price of around DKK 100.”

Translated by prosa.fo

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