More than half are overweight

22.11.2019 - 08:29
More than half are overweight
Fifty-five percent of Faroese citizens weigh too much, new study shows

Faroese people are still too heavy, according to a new Gallup poll commissioned by the Public Health Board.

Some 55 percent weigh too much. One third of men are normal weight, compared with 55 percent for women.

These are more or less exactly the same figures as last year’s Gallup poll on body weight.

No change in activity levels

There have also not been any changes over the past two years regarding our physical activity levels.

Two thirds of the 531 randomly selected participants said they engage in physical activity three times a week or more. Physical activity is defined here as more than 30 minutes of movement which raises the pulse.

One in ten said they do not do any physical activity. Gallup conducted the poll between 23 August and 13 September.

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