Minimum wage for musicians

12.12.2019 - 14:47
Minimum wage for musicians
Tórshavn City Councillor believes a minimum wage for musicians can act as encouragement for new bands to take their music to the stage

Bogi Andreasen, chairman of Tórshavn City Council’s finance committee, has proposed minimum-wage payments for musicians who perform at live events in the capital region.

In addition to his position as City Councellor and his chairmanship in the finance committee, Andreasen also manages the Reinsaríið concert venue in Tórshavn.

Acknowledging that he has vested interests in this initiative, he says that he would not be involved in deciding which musicians should receive money from the funds, as such decisions would be made by an independent committee.

Initially, the funds would contain DKK 200,000-300,000. This isn’t much, but it is a good start, says the councillor, who hopes the City Council will approve his proposal.

He also hopes that the Ministry of Culture will work toward implementing this initiative on a national level.

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