Minister planning changes for public broadcaster

23.01.2020 - 06:02
Minister planning changes for public broadcaster
Education minister wants to abolish adverts and strengthen regional programme production at Kringvarp Føroya
The Kringvarp Føroya headquarters in Tórshavn

Jenis á Rana, the Minister of Culture and Education, wants to implement some changes to public broadcaster Kringvarp Føroya (KvF).

Rana has replied to MP Beinta Løwe’s enquiry regarding the details of the planned changes at KvF.

The minister said he would like to abolish adverts in radio and TV, and he wants to see a significant increase in programmes produced outside of the capital region.

Less politics, more professionalism

He will look into structural changes of the KvF board of directors in an effort to “depoliticise and professionalise” the direction of the corporation.

He also wants to establish a journalism course at the University of the Faroe Islands.

The KvF licence fee will be reassessed with a view to introducing variable rates instead of the current fixed fee.

The minister denied speculation that he is planning to distribute KvF licence fee money to private media outlets.

Two separate newsrooms

MP Løwe also enquired about the rumoured plan to separate KvF’s TV and radio newsrooms into two independent units.

Rana replied that members of the public have repeatedly called for competition between two independent newsrooms as the only way to improve KvF’s news reporting.

He added that although he does not agree with this approach, he is prepared to review the current structure.

The minister wants to spend the next few months on gaining an overview of KvF’s activities so that changes can be implemented in the next parliamentary sitting.

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